Bird Free is effective for a minimum period of four years in all weather conditions

Remains effective in all weather conditions
Retains efficacy in polluted environments

Authorised for use in the UK based on efficacy data from field tests. Data from a pigeon night roost study conducted over four years shows 100% efficacy. (Test methods specified by HSE.)

See test data on the efficacy and durability of Bird Free 

Case studies confirm that Bird Free:

  • Remains effective for eight years without maintenance or replacement
  • Is impervious to all climatic conditions (rain, snow, wind, etc)
  • Will not melt or run in extreme heat
  • Remains effective when discoloured by pollution
  • Remains effective when covered by dust or dirt.

Bird Free retains efficacy in polluted environments

Bird Free emits UV radiation. This visual stimulus acts as a constant reminder to the bird that it should not return to a site treated with Bird Free. Because UV radiation is only blocked by solid objects, not particulates, Bird Free remains effective, even when covered in dust, dirt or rainwater.

The photos above show a gantry above a railway 19 months after Bird Free was installed.

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