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About our company

Bird Free is the only bird repellent gel authorized for use in the UK and Europe. Authorised on the basis of proven efficacy, Bird Free is an extremely effective bird deterrent method: see our case studies outlining successful installations of the “optical gel”. Our clients’ comments are testimony to Bird Free being the best bird control alternative on the market. 

As a company, we distribute our bird gel repellent to other distributors, pest control companies, and industry professionals. To ensure that our customers get the best service possible, we collaborate with our distributors in the UK and Europe. Our team is dedicated to solving bird infestations without damaging property or harming the birds themselves.  

We've been in business now for over ten years: enough time to accumulate the experience needed to ensure our clients get the best possible results from using our optical gel. We are based in London but our company supplies our bird repellent gel across Europe through established distributors in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc. So don't hesitate to contact us, regardless of your location. We will be able to help.

Whilst we currently supply the bird gel repellent all over Europe, our journey began back in 2011 in the UK. Over the past decade or so we’ve been refining the formula for our optical gel based on practical applications and feedback gained in the field. Below is a summary of the evolution of our company and its products.

Our history

Bird Free (v1, supplied in caulking tubes) becomes the first multi-sensory bird repellent gel on sale in the UK. The innovativeness of our bird deterrent method causes a sensation and is picked up by the press who are eager to comment on the advantages of our new product. The optical gel, which emits UV light, is dubbed “Fire Gel” by the UK press. 
It only takes one year to introduce the first version of the bird repellent gel to European markets. Our company continues to grow as we gain more and more clients and collaborators throughout Europe. 
Bird Free Ltd is established in the UK. At the same time, we make the first round of improvements to Bird Free and begin supplying the second version of our bird repellent gel. Instead of tubes, the new version of the repellent gel is supplied in pre-dosed dishes to ensure the optimal amount is used and a neat and tidy finish is maintained. We register the trademarks Bird FreeFire Gel, and Optical Gel in the UK and Europe. 
After years of testing and improvement, Bird Free finally becomes the sole bird repellent gel to be authorised for use in the UK and Europe following rigorous testing in accordance with the requirements of the European Biocidal Products Regulation.

Why choose us for bird control?

There are many different reasons why you should consider using our gel repellent for bird control purposes; more than enough to clearly show why Bird Free is the best alternative available on the market. 

1) Expertise

We created the best repellent gel for bird control thanks to our understanding of bird behaviour and scientific innovation. We have many years of experience working with optical gel and educating professionals to offer Bird Free in their bird control work. We take a hands-on approach and it’s safe to say that no one has more experience working with our product than we do. 

2) Quick and easy to apply

Compared to other products, our optical gel dishes are a lot easier and faster to apply. So, using them will save you a lot of time, thus reducing labour and access costs. With our help and guidance it is very easy to learn how to use the repellent gel properly. 

Whether you want to use Bird Free yourself or you are a company that deals with bird control regularly, either way you will find Bird Free quick and easy to install and from a professional’s perspective, that means you can bill out more work in less time.  

3) Invisible from below

The ready-to-use dishes have a low profile so in most cases they can’t be seen at all from below. By placing the dishes of Bird Free 20 millimetres behind the leading edges the aesthetics of a building are preserved.

4) Saves money for professionals

If your company currently works with other bird repellent methods, then it will definitely be worth adding Bird Free to your toolbox. The time it can save for your team can be used to expand your company's ability to take on more clients and carry out more installations with our bird gel repellent. 

5) Experience

We have installed Bird Free at all types of sites. We are available to offer advice on all different types of installations, large and small. With more than a decade's worth of experience, we’ve mastered the most efficient ways to get our optical gel to achieve its maximum potential. 

6) Support for professionals looking to start using Bird Free

If you are a professional in the bird control industry and you want to use our repellent gel to speed up your services and produce better results for your clients, then our company is ready to support you and help you achieve these goals. If you need any help at all working out how to stop pigeons nesting, we’re on hand. 

7) Many satisfied customers 

If you take a look through our case studies, you will be able to see clearly the satisfaction that all our clients experienced with the use of our optical gel. It should be clear that using Fire Gel will satisfy all your requirements for removing pigeon infestations quickly and neatly. 

8) Competitive price 

Another factor that makes Bird Free the best option is its competitive pricing. Not only is our optical gel affordable but once you factor in the reduced labour costs due to speed and ease of installation, plus the fact that it can remain effective for over five years where other alternatives would have to be maintained and replaced, it is easy to see how much money you can save.

9) No PPE required 

Bird Free is non-hazardous. Whether you are concerned for the birds, other animals, or even humans coming into contact with Bird Free, none of them will have their health negatively affected by contact with our optical gel. Our bird repellent gel is one of the most humane solutions for bird infestation control. 

10) Doesn’t harm birds

Our optical gel is harmless for birds. Our bird gel repellent gets rid of birds by altering their behaviour. It does this through sensory stimuli, a bird deterrent method that influences the instincts of birds directly without causing any harm, unlike nets or spikes, which can injure or trap birds.

11) Doesn’t damage buildings

Bird Free gel is highly stable, being injected into pre-dosed dishes by machine at high pressure. Consequently, the gel is wholly contained in the dish and will not stain the surface onto which it is applied. Bird Free doesn’t require any permanent fixings so it is perfect for preventing nesting at historic sites, for example, as it easy to remove the repellent gel at a later date if necessary. For new-builds, application of Bird Free is ideal to prevent infestations from occurring in the first place: prevention is better than cure.

12) Proven results

When installed correctly, Bird Free works every time. It will eliminate even the most severe infestation.

13) Works for five years or more

Our optical gel will remain effective for a very long period. It is truly a cost-effective solution since it will prevent any bird infestation for at least five years. 

14) Works in all weather conditions and in low-light environments

In Europe and the UK weather conditions can differ drastically during the year. Our bird gel was designed to withstand all of these different conditions and then some. Its efficacy remains unchanged regardless of extremes of cold and heat, rain or snow. It remains effective even in low-light environments, and even when discoloured by pollution.

15) Successful installations all over Europe

With a long track record of successful installations all over the world, our optical gel is recognised as an effective, yet discrete solution to bird problems throughout Europe and beyond. A brief glance at our case studies of train stations, historic sites, retail centres, warehouses, etc demonstrates Bird Free’s international success.

16) A scientific approach

Compared with traditional methods of bird proofing, Bird Free bird gel repellent represents a revolution in the field of bird control. It brings all the benefits of bird proofing while eliminating the downsides of other bird deterrent methods. No wonder it continues to take Europe by storm.

About our Bird Free optical gel
Today the majority of the bird infestation problems in city areas are caused by pigeons nesting. Our bird repellent gel affects three of the bird’s senses thereby changing their behaviour. Bird Free makes birds believe the site is not safe to return to. 
The first sense it affects is sight. The bird repellent gel is known as “Fire Gel” because it emits a specific kind of UV light that can be clearly seen by birds. From the perspective of a bird it can be confused for the light of a flame, which spooks the bird, causing it to avoid the treated area. 
Second, Bird Free affects the bird’s sense of smell. The peppermint oil in the gel irritates the bird’s olfactory and trigeminal nervous systems. The smell is not offensive to humans, but to a bird it is abhorrent. 
Third, Bird Free stimulates the bird’s sense of touch. With nesting, the pigeon’s instinct to return to the nest can be so strong that it will even attempt to brave the visual and olfactory stimuli of the gel and try to return to the nesting area. In such cases, it will come into direct contact with the optical gel.
Contact with the bird gel will stimulate the bird’s sense of touch. It will feel a sticky sensation, which is abhorrent to the bird. A bird only needs to come into contact with Bird Free once, after which it will never try to return. The bird will not be harmed in any way; it will simply be deterred from returning and infesting the area again.

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