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Ian Smith

Managing Director

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About our company

Authorised on the basis of proven efficacy, Bird Free is an extremely effective bird deterrent method: see our case studies outlining successful installations of the “optical gel”. Our clients’ comments are testimony to Bird Free being the best bird control alternative on the market. 

As a company, we distribute our bird gel repellent to other distributors, pest control companies, and industry professionals. To ensure that our customers get the best service possible, we collaborate with our distributors in the UK and Europe. Our team is dedicated to solving bird infestations without damaging property or harming the birds themselves.  

We've been in business now for over ten years: enough time to accumulate the experience needed to ensure our clients get the best possible results from using our optical gel. We are based in London but our company supplies our bird repellent gel across Europe through established distributors in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, etc. So don't hesitate to contact us, regardless of your location. We will be able to help.

Whilst we currently supply the bird gel repellent all over Europe, our journey began back in 2011 in the UK. Over the past decade or so we’ve been refining the formula for our optical gel based on practical applications and feedback gained in the field. Below is a summary of the evolution of our company and its products.

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