Who we are

Ian Smith

Managing Director

   07956 559519
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Henrietta Priddie

Marketing Director

   07796 813503
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David McHugh

Operations Manager

   07910 436168

What we do

While Bird Free is quick and easy to install, to ensure 100% efficacy the site from which birds are to be excluded must first be assessed based on an understanding of resident birds’ behaviour. The type(s) of habitat present at the site (day roost/night roost/nest) must be identified and treated accordingly.

Our key role is to offer guidance and support to users of Bird Free. This may take the form of a telephone consultation, a site inspection, and/or on-site supervision of installation. Such interventions have proved of particular value to first-time users, and for specialist or complex installations. After reviewing our installation manual don’t hesitate to contact us for further help.

Bird Free is sold through most major distributors of pest control products, and our distributors will be able to provide general guidance on installation.

Our history

  • 2011

    Bird Free (v1, supplied in caulking tubes) becomes the first multi-sensory bird repellent gel to be placed on the UK market. The gel, which emits UV light, is dubbed Fire Gel by the UK press.

  • 2012

    Bird Free (v1) is introduced into continental Europe.

  • 2013

    Bird Free Ltd is established in UK. Bird Free (v2, supplied in pre-dosed dishes) is launched in UK and throughout Europe. Trademarks Bird Free, Fire Gel and Optical Gel registered in UK and EU.

  • 2018

    Bird Free (v2) becomes only bird repellent gel authorised for use in the UK, and throughout the EU, under European Biocidal Products regulation.

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