Active sites

Bird Free’s deterrent effect is both immediate and long-lasting. It remains effective today at all the sites shown in the video links below. Installation dates are shown in brackets.

Bird Free banishes pigeons from Italy’s biggest shopping centre (February 2016)
During construction, pigeons had already begun to foul the beautiful glass facades of Milan’s “Il Centro”. Bird Free was installed in February 2016 and the pigeons promptly abandoned the site. None of the shopping centre’s tenants have raised a complaint about pigeon fouling since. 

Pigeons nesting on top of spikes necessitated daily cleaning at hospital (May 2018)

Pigeon fouling at this Barcelona hospital had become intolerable…until spikes were replaced with Bird Free:

A discreet solution for signs, facades, etc (various, 2016-2019)

Pigeon droppings convey a poor first impression to customers. Traditional bird control methods can be unsightly, and are often ineffective. Bird Free offers a more discreet solution:

Ideal for historic buildings (March and December 2015)

Most heritage officers will readily agree to installation of Bird Free as it requires no mechanical fixings, is easily reversible, and is virtually invisible from below:

Bird Free stops pigeons from fouling cars in car park (October 2021)

The many nooks and crannies typically found in car park structures make them ideal habitats for feral pigeons:

…prevents pigeons from nesting on the bearings of four bridges on the A14 (November 2019)

Even before the construction of a new 12-mile stretch of the A14 was completed pigeons had begun to nest on the bearings of the new bridges:

…and eliminates a pigeon infestation on Craigavon Bridge, Londonderry (August 2022) 

Pigeon droppings on the bridge’s walkway posed a health and safety hazard for pedestrians and cyclists…until Bird Free was installed:

Durability of Bird Free

Field trial data showed 100% efficacy between 2017 and 2021. Bird Free remains effective at the trial site today. Numerous case studies (such as King’s Cross station) demonstrate efficacy after eight years:

Preventing Pigeons from roosting on louvres

In this example Bird Free was installed on louvres above a glass window at a corporate head quarters.

Protecting St Mary's Church

St Mary's Parish Church in London had suffered from a longstanding pigeon infestation, until Bird Free was installed in 2021. Since then no pigeons have been observed at the site.

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