A powerful tool for controlling birds

Bird Free is an advanced method of bird control based on the science of bird behaviour.

Bird behaviour is instinctive. It is conditioned by basic needs: food and water, shelter, warmth, security (from predators). By means of sensory stimuli that alter birds’ instinctive responses, Bird Free:

  • Changes birds’ behaviour (rather than acting as a physical barrier)
  • Causes resident birds to abandon long-standing habitats
  • Shows immediate results
  • Eliminates the most severe infestation
  • Is proven to be effective over four years
  • Causes no harm to birds.

Bird Free dishes (65mmØ , 8mm high) are fixed with silicone, magnets or cable ties.

Solving persistent problems

Spikes being used unsuccessfully to stop nesting
Netting fails to stop birds from nesting

To eliminate long-standing infestations, pigeons must first be deterred from returning to their nests/night roosts. Pigeons instinctively return to their nests/night roosts every evening, and will make all possible efforts to overcome physical barriers to them doing so. Consequently, traditional methods will often fail to exclude resident pigeons from such sites.

Many facilities managers have finally been able to solve persistent pigeon problems with Bird Free where other methods have failed. After installing Bird Free, one client who had, for several years, tried unsuccessfully to get rid of pigeons from a public building by using spikes and nets, commented: “It ought to be called Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the box.”

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