A powerful tool for controlling birds

Bird Free is an advanced method of bird control based on the science of bird behaviour.

Bird behaviour is instinctive. It is conditioned by basic needs: food and water, shelter, warmth, security (from predators). By means of sensory stimuli that alter birds’ instinctive responses, Bird Free:

  • Changes birds’ behaviour (rather than acting as a physical barrier)
  • Causes resident birds to abandon long-standing habitats
  • Shows immediate results
  • Eliminates the most severe infestation
  • Is proven to be effective over four years
  • Causes no harm to birds.

Bird Free dishes (65mmØ , 8mm high) are fixed with silicone, magnets or cable ties.

Solving persistent problems

To eliminate long-standing infestations, pigeons must first be deterred from returning to their nests/night roosts. Pigeons instinctively return to their nests/night roosts every evening, and will make all possible efforts to overcome physical barriers to them doing so. Consequently, traditional methods will often fail to exclude resident pigeons from such sites.

Many facilities managers have finally been able to solve persistent pigeon problems with Bird Free where other methods have failed. After installing Bird Free, one client who had, for several years, tried unsuccessfully to get rid of pigeons from a public building by using spikes and nets, commented: “It ought to be called Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the box.”

What is Bird Free made of?

To properly understand why our Bird Free repellent gel is such an effective bird repellent, we need to understand its component substances, how they affect the senses of the bird and how they create a repellent effect. The first ingredient that can be found in our Bird Free fire gel mixture is pyranine. This ingredient emits UV light that humans don't see. To birds this light resembles a shimmering fire, which creates a strong optical deterrent. Birds will instinctively shy away from the “fire”. 

Another active substance of the gel, which creates an olfactory repellent effect is peppermint oil. The menthol in the Bird Free gel creates a sensation that negatively impacts the olfactory and trigeminal systems of birds. Just as humans will want to avoid places that smell offensive, so will birds. 

Last, one of the main characteristics of “fire gel” is its stickiness. Birds instinctively avoid contact with sticky substances and if they do come into contact with Bird Free gel they will avoid doing so again.

A powerful tool for controlling birds

Bird Free’s unique approach to bird proofing focuses on bird behaviour and basic memory functions. All birds are instinctively conditioned to fulfil basic needs such as food, water, shelter, warmth, and security from predators. Bird Free optical gel taps into the bird’s instincts and alters their behaviour, causing them to change their habits and avoid any area where the bird repellent gel has been applied.

What makes Bird Free so powerful?

This behavioural approach of Bird Free fire gel is different from that of bird control methods that focus on creating a physical barrier. By changing the bird’s behaviour rather than simply obstructing access Bird Free has proved to be a highly effective repellent. 

Our optical deterrent gel can alter the behaviour of birds to the point that they will even abandon a long-standing habitat and look for a new home. It creates an area that birds will sense as non-habitable. 

Another factor that makes our repellent gel so effective is the speed at which it takes effect. After treating an infested site with the optical bird repellent, you can expect to get rid of all the birds in a day, or two at most. If a site, such as a new-build, is not currently infested, application of Bird Free optical gel will prevent any future infestation. 

It doesn't matter how severe the infestation, so long as the site is cleaned thoroughly before application and the instructions are followed, the fire gel will eradicate the infestation almost immediately and will keep birds away for at least five years, without causing any harm to the bird.

Who can use it?

If you’ve had a bird infestation for a long time and you still haven’t found a way to deal with it, you should strongly consider our repellent gel. Irrespective of severity this optical deterrent method will solve your problem. 

If you are a bird control professional, then Bird Free fire gel presents a great business opportunity. For a pest control company there are many advantages to using our bird control method compared with alternatives such as bird netting or spikes.   

Due to its speed of application in comparison with traditional bird control methods Bird Free deterrent gel cuts labour and access costs. Treatment of many sites can be completed in a fraction of the time, allowing you to service more clients. 

At a third of an inch high Bird Free is discrete. In many cases it is invisible. This is a big advantage for clients who want to preserve the aesthetic appearance of their building. Bird Free has been approved by many conservation officers as it requires no mechanical fixings.

The deterrent gel is also harmless to birds. As mentioned above, it works primarily as an optical deterrent while also using the senses of smell and touch. This can be a huge selling point to clients concerned about animal safety. For companies that insist on using non harmful deterrent methods Bird Free optical gel is the obvious solution. 

We provide advice as well as resources such as videos and case studies: in short everything you’ll need to convince your client of that Bird Free is the best solution to their bird problems.

Some sites where Bird Free fire has proved an effective solution

Pigeon fouling in warehouses and factories

Pigeon infestations are very common at this type of site. When using Bird Free to eliminate a pigeon infestation from a warehouse or a factory it is important to assess the nature of the problem. 

If there is no food on site for the pigeons, it is only necessary to treat the parts of the site that are currently used by the birds for nesting and night roosting with Bird Free fire gel. It is not necessary to treat every single surface where birds roost during the day with Bird Free.

Pigeons roosting on louvers

Many buildings, both commercial and residential, suffer from horrendous bird infestations. The mess created and the risks to health are not small matters that can be ignored. Louvers can be particularly difficult as their shape does not lend itself to fixing traditional methods such as nets or spikes.

Fixing Bird Free fire gel on the louvers with a silicone adhesive provides an effective, yet discrete, solution to such common problems.

Pigeons nesting on the bearings of bridges

Bridges are one of the most common places where pigeons and other birds choose to make their nests. This can become a problem even before construction is finished and can be even trickier once the infestation has become severe. You should consider using our bird repellent gel in both cases as it has a proven track record of working in these difficult situations.

Health hazards at hospitals

At hospitals hygiene is of the utmost importance. Health hazards due to pigeon activity at hospitals is be avoided at all costs. 

There are many places around a hospital where birds can make their nests and any infested areas can be treated with the optical bird repellent quickly and efficiently. Bird Free repellent gel doesn’t collect debris like spikes or nets, and works for at least five years, minimising disruption.

Ten factors to consider when choosing Bird Free fire gel

  1. Non-hazardous

As mentioned above, our bird repellent gel will not cause any harm to birds or humans. The conditions under which it is authorised stipulate that no gloves or other PPE are required when handling Bird Free

  1. Quick and easy to install 

Bird Free fire gel comes in the ready-to-use dishes. These simply need to be fixed in place with silicone, making sure to follow the instructions in the installation manual First-time users are often amazed at how quickly an installation of Bird Free optical deterrent gel can be completed.

  1. Discrete – only 8mm high 

Many customers want an invisible solution to their bird problems. While traditional methods such as nets and spikes can have a substantial impact on the aesthetics of a site, at a third of an inch high, Bird Free’s bird repellent method is usually invisible from below. 

  1. Authorised by HSE

Bird Free is the only bird repellent gel authorised by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive. It was authorised on the basis of efficacy proven in field tests specified by HSE. Latest test data shows 100% efficacy four years after installation

  1. Proven efficacy

We have worked on countless bird control projects over the years and in many cases, returned years later to record the results. We have case studies for all types of site, all of which show great results using our bird repellent gel. Take a look at our case studies page or visit our YouTube channel to see video footage of many successful installations using Bird Free fire gel. 

  1. Longevity – at least five years

Latest efficacy data shows that fire gel will remain 100% effective for at least four years. Case studies show efficacy of up to nine years. Bird Free has been in use in the UK for nine years and we are, as yet, unaware of any installations that have ceased to be effective during that time. 

  1. Impervious to all weather conditions, and to pollution

We are frequently asked whether the deterrent gel will lose its efficacy in extreme weather conditions, whether it might run at high temperatures or lose its efficacy when covered in debris. 

Our fire gel installations have stood the test of time. Bird Free has proved impervious to all weather conditions and remains effective even when exposed to high levels of pollution. 

  1. Alters birds’ behaviour without harming them

One of the best things about our bird repellent gel is the fact that it directly alters the behaviour of the birds through sensory stimuli. Our optical deterrent gel will not cause any type of harm to the birds. It simply discourages them from returning. 

  1. Can be installed everywhere -- indoors and outdoors -- even at low light levels

The versatility of our Bird Free repellent gel means it can be used almost anywhere. It doesn't matter where your bird control problems are. Be it indoor or outdoor, Bird Free fire gel is easy to fit. It is effective even at sites with low light levels:  if there is enough light for the bird there is enough for Bird Free to function efficiently!  

  1. Competitive pricing

If you factor in how fast Bird Free gel can be installed, its cost-effectiveness is apparent. The value of quick installation can be quantified as follows:

If a job can be done by two men in one day instead of two days, for example, the labour cost of two men for one day is saved. If a mechanical platform is used for installation at height, the cost of the platform for the second day is saved. If it takes two days to install spikes, for example, but only one day to install Bird Free, it will be cheaper to install Bird Free (due to savings in labour costs/rental of a platform). This speed of installation is demonstrated in this video, which shows how two men eliminated an infestation of pigeons in a car park in one day. As you can see, all surfaces in the car park were disinfected and 780 dishes of Bird Free were installed. The four-month follow-up video shows the results. 

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