A powerful tool for controlling birds

Bird Free is an advanced method of bird control based on the science of bird behaviour.

Bird behaviour is instinctive. It is conditioned by basic needs: food and water, shelter, warmth, security (from predators). By means of sensory stimuli that alter birds’ instinctive responses, Bird Free:

  • Changes birds’ behaviour (rather than acting as a physical barrier)
  • Causes resident birds to abandon long-standing habitats
  • Shows immediate results
  • Eliminates the most severe infestation
  • Is proven to be effective over five years
  • Causes no harm to birds.

See how Bird Free solved persistent problems at a hospital 

Bird Free dishes (65mmØ , 8mm high) are fixed with silicone, magnets or cable ties.

Solving persistent problems

To eliminate long-standing infestations, pigeons must first be deterred from returning to their nests/night roosts. Pigeons instinctively return to their nests/night roosts every evening, and will make all possible efforts to overcome physical barriers to them doing so. Consequently, traditional methods will often fail to exclude resident pigeons from such sites.

Many facilities managers have finally been able to solve persistent pigeon problems with Bird Free where other methods have failed. After installing Bird Free, one client who had, for several years, tried unsuccessfully to get rid of pigeons from a public building by using spikes and nets, commented: “It ought to be called Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the box.”

What Is Bird Free Made of?

To properly understand why the repellent gel we supply is so effective as a bird repellent, you need to know about the ingredients we use, how they affect the senses and how they manage to achieve their remarkable results. The first one is the pyranine that can be found in the Bird Free fire gel mixture. This ingredient produces UV light that can only be seen by birds. To them this light resembles fire, a very strong optical deterrent. As a result, their instincts will tell them to avoid the “fire”. 

Another very effective ingredient of the bird repellent gel is peppermint oil. The menthol in the Bird Free optical gel creates an odour that has a negative impact on the olfactory and trigeminal systems of birds. Just as humans will want to avoid places with a smell they don’t like, so will birds. 

Lastly, you need to understand that one of the main characteristics of the Fire Gel is its stickiness. It’s not only an optical bird repellent, most birds hate and avoid getting this type of substance on their bodies. It's an instinctive reaction, as similar substances can affect their ability to fly which can be very dangerous to a bird. In fact Bird Free does not affect their ability to fly but the birds will not be able to tell the difference. 

A Powerful Tool for Controlling Birds 

Bird Free’s unique approach to bird proofing focuses on bird behaviour and basic memory functions. All birds are instinctively conditioned to fulfill their basic needs such as food, water, shelter, warmth, and security (from predators). Bird Free optical gel taps into the bird’s instincts and alters their behaviour, convincing them to change their habits and avoid any area where the bird repellent gel has been applied.

Advantages that Make Bird Free So Powerful

Our Bird Free fire gel is different from other repellents that focus on creating some kind of physical barrier. Bird Free optical bird repellent is a much more effective alternative as it changes the bird’s behaviour. 

To properly understand the level of efficacy that the deterrent gel has, you should know that the optical deterrent gel can alter the behaviour of birds to such a level that they will even leave their long-standing habitats. It basically creates an area that birds will sense as non-habitable. 

Another factor that makes our repellent gel so effective is the speed at which it takes effect. If you treat an infested site with the optical bird repellent, then you can expect to get rid of all the birds in a day at most. If the site is not currently infested then you reduce that risk to 0 immediately with the Bird Free optical gel. 

It doesn't matter how severe the infestation, the Fire Gel will solve it perfectly so long as the site is cleaned first. You won’t need to worry about bird infestation for the next 5 years at a minimum. Also, you don't need to worry about harming the birds. Keep in mind that the optical bird repellent is a bird control method harmless to any bird or animal. 

Who Can Use It?

If you’ve had an infestation problem for a long time and you still haven’t found a way to deal with it, then you should strongly consider our repellent gel. If your bird infestation is a recurring one, then you should also consider this optical deterrent method. 

If you work for a pest control company, then the Bird Free fire gel may be a massive opportunity for the business. There are many advantages that pest control companies can expect to get from using this bird control method compared with the current alternatives they use such as bird netting or spikes.   

  1. The first one is the swiftness of installation that Bird Free deterrent gel provides. Compared with installing spikes, nets and other bird repellent alternatives, the Fire Gel requires half that time to cover a site. So, your company will have the ability to deal with 2 times as many clients. 
  2. The deterrent gel is also harmless to birds. It only works as an optical deterrent while also using the senses of smell and touch for this purpose. So, you will be able to advocate and market your business making use of this advantage. In some cases companies may even insist on only using harmless deterrent methods, in which case Bird Free optical gel is the obvious solution. 
  3. You can also expect to get the help and materials you need from our company to more easily convince your potential clients to use the bird repellent gel. There are quite a few ways in which our company is willing to collaborate and help out clients. 

Types of Site Locations Our Bird Free Fire Gel Has Helped

Pigeon Fouling in Warehouses and Factorie

Pigeon infestations are very common on this type of site. There are 2 main bird control methods for the bird gel that can be used to eliminate any pigeon infestation from a warehouse or a factory. The deterrent method used depends on the possibility of food being present or not. 

If there is no food for the pigeons in the area, then the best option is to treat with the bird repellent gel only the parts of the site that can and are currently used by the birds as nests. You do not need to treat every single space where the birds could stay during the day with the Bird Free fire gel. 

On the other hand, if there is food available nearby, then you may need to treat every possible space that could be used by the pigeons with the optical deterrent gel. Why the difference? Well, with food nearby, the birds will be incentivized to recreate their nests in any available space. So, a temporary deterrence from their current situation won’t be as effective. 

Pigeons Roosting on Louvers

Many buildings, both commercial and residential, have to deal with horrendous bird infestations. The mess created and the risks to children’s health are not small matters that can be ignored. Louvers can be particularly difficult as their shape does not lend itself to fixing traditional methods such as nets or spikes.

Few bird control methods are as effective as our Fire Gel which can be used to completely get rid of these types of massive infestations. With proper placement of the deterrent gel between louvers using a silicone adhesive, the optical deterrent can easily get rid of all the problems caused by bird infestation.

Pigeons Nesting on Bridges

Bridges are one of the most common places where pigeons and other birds choose to create their nests. This can become a problem even before construction is finished and can be even trickier with bridges that have been infested for years. You should consider using the bird repellent gel for both such situations as it has a proven track record of working in these difficult situations.

A proper treatment using the bird repellent will allow the construction of any bridge to continue and will prevent you having to deal with this kind of bird control problem in the future.. 

Health Hazards at Hospitals

Hospitals are clearly places where hygiene is of the utmost importance. The possibility of health hazards in these locations should be avoided at all costs. That can be quite hard to achieve without Fire Gel’s deterrent effect when the hazard is caused by pigeons or other birds. 

There are not that many places on or around a hospital where birds can make their nests and all these areas can be treated with the optical bird repellent quickly and efficiently. As Bird Free repellent gel doesn’t collect debris and works for at least five years, this minimises disruption to an already fragile site. 

10 Factors to Consider when Choosing Bird Free Fire Gel


  1. Non-Toxic - Made of Natural Ingredients


As mentioned before, the bird repellent gel will not cause any harm to the birds that are infesting the property. All the ingredients of the gel are natural and non-toxic. Compared with all other options, the bird repellent gel is the most humane bird control method that can be used to deal with any possible infestation. 


  1. Easy Install - Ready-to-Use Gel Dishes


The Bird Free fire gel comes in the form of ready-to-use loaded dishes. All you need to do is properly fix the dishes of the optical bird repellent to the site of the infestation as instructed. For professionals it will take very little time to be able to properly use the optical deterrent gel.


  1. Discreet – Small Gel Dishes


In many cases, a solution that is not visible can be very important for customers. Many bird control alternatives do not take this factor into consideration. Things like nets and spikes can have a substantial effect on the aesthetics of a site. On the other hand, you can be sure that Bird Free’s bird repellent method won’t do the same. We provide small Bird Free fire gel dishes that can be very discreetly placed. The bird repellent gel will only be seen from above and close distances. 


  1. Authorised by HSE


To understand that our Fire Gel is a top-quality one, you can check our certification by HSE. This proves the efficacy of our repellent gel as it was subjected to rigorous testing over many years to gain certification. This guarantee of efficacy will not be found on other inferior imitation products that you may find online. 


  1. Proven Efficacy


Bird Free collaborated on many different bird control projects. All the sites mentioned above are already tested with our bird repellent gel. You can easily check these projects on our case studies page, our YouTube channel which has video footage of several successful installations, or even ask our clients and collaborators about the Fire Gel and our collaboration. 


  1. Longevity – At Least 5 Years


It is essential to understand that the effectiveness of the Fire Gel will sustain for at least 5 years. So, you only need to take care of the problem once with the Bird Free optical gel, and you won't need to deal with it for the next half a decade. Compared with most other options, it’s quite the resilient alternative. 


  1. Impervious to all Weather Conditions or Pollution


At first sight, many of our potential clients commented on the possibility that the deterrent gel will lose its efficacy in different weather conditions. This is an understandable concern as it might seem like a gel would melt and run or not be effective once covered in debris. 


Luckily, for us and our clients as well, we proved again and again that this type of worry will never become a reality. Our Bird Free fire gel proved over the years that weather and even pollution have minuscule to no effects whatsoever. 


  1. Alters Birds’ Behaviour – Doesn’t Harm Them


One of the best things about the bird repellent gel is the fact that it directly alters the behaviour of the birds through sensory stimuli. Our optical deterrent gel will not cause any type of harm to the birds but simply discourage them from returning. You won’t need to cause any harm to the birds with the Fire Gel to solve your problems. 


  1. Install Everywhere - Indoor and Outdoor Use, Even at Low Light Levels


The versatility of the repellent gel is also astounding. It can be used almost everywhere. It doesn't matter where your bird control problems are. Be it indoor or outdoor, Bird Free fire gel dishes can be easily placed anywhere. Even if the site has low visibility, the loaded dishes can be placed, and their optical deterrent effectiveness remains as high as ever.  


  10. Competitive Price When Compared with Other Bird Repellent Solutions


If you factor in how fast Bird Free gel can be installed, it is easy to see that the cost-effectiveness of our product is massive. In most cases a professional can get through two average sized jobs in a day, meaning they can bill out twice as much work. That in itself can make a huge difference to your bottom line. What’s more, Bird Free repellent gel lasts for longer generally speaking, so even if you want to take your time with an installation, you can rest assured that you won’t need to spend any more money or time on the site for years to come. 

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