Pigeon proofing Case studies

The facade of Glasgow City Chambers

Glasgow City Chambers

An eminent example of Victorian civic architecture with many ornate features, the sheltered nature of the inner courtyard made it an ideal habitat for pigeons. Previous attempts to eradicate the pigeon infestation had all been unsuccessful. Since Bird Free was installed in June 2014, the pigeons have not returned.

"It ought to be called Ronseal; it does exactly what it says on the box!"
A train pulling into Helsinki Train Station

Helsinki Train Station

Pigeons had been roosting on the metal frame above the platforms of Helsinki Station for many years. Pigeon droppings falling onto the platforms had become a health and safety concern. Based on the success of an initial installation of 900 dishes of Bird Free in March 2014, a further 10,000 were installed six months later.

"Five years after Bird Free was fitted the pigeons have not returned."
A gothic church in the Netherlands

De Kapel, Culemborg, Netherlands

This late nineteenth century Gothic church had long been infested by pigeons. In 2014, after the interior was demolished and converted into apartments, the pigeons returned. Following constant complaints from the residents, the management company installed Bird Free in May 2015. Five years later the pigeons have not returned.

"All of the residents have expressed their satisfaction with the results."
The Karlstadt Building in Hamburg

Karstadt Building, Hamburg

The former Karstadt department store in Eppendorf, now a listed building, dates from the 1950s. Prior to treatment with Bird Free, the façade had become so dirty with pigeon droppings that tenants were unable to open their windows due to the foul smell. Bird Free was installed in April 2014. Six years later the building remains free of pigeons.

Bristol Temple Meads train station in the UK

Bristol Temple Meads Station

Pigeons were living under the 150m glass canopy that surrounds the station, and the pavement below had to be constantly cleaned of droppings. In July 2014, after Bird Free was installed, all the pigeons departed. The client carried out an inspection in February 2019 and confirmed that the canopy remained free of pigeons.

"The installation of Bird Free in July 2014 remains effective today."
The historic Chiesa della Spina on the bank of the river Arno in Pisa

Chiesa della Spina, Pisa

A famous example of Gothic architecture dating from the 13th century, the church’s facades and numerous statues had been home to a colony of pigeons. Following a complete renovation of the church by the City of Pisa, Bird Free was installed in December 2015. The pigeons abandoned the site for good.

"The installation of Bird Free has been a success."
The Preston Road Flyover in London, completely free of birds since 2015

Preston’s Road Flyover, London

The bearing shelf of this flyover had become infested with many breeding pairs of pigeons. The management company responsible for maintenance of the flyover was incurring significant cleaning costs, and pedestrians were complaining of health hazards. In July 2015, Bird Free was installed. A follow-up inspection of the site in April 2018 confirmed that the infestation had been eliminated.

"Since Bird Free was installed all the pigeons that were living beneath the flyover have left."
Rome's Palazzo Venezia

Palazzo Venezia, Rome

A papal residence in the 15th Century, in the 1920s the Palazzo became the HQ of the Fascist Party. Mussolini famously made his speeches from the Palazzo’s balcony. Pigeons were roosting in the rafters, and their droppings were fouling the floors, discouraging tourists. In March 2015, Bird Free was installed at the request of the Ministry of Heritage, Cultural Activities and Tourism. The pigeons departed, and the tourists returned.

"Bird Free has proved effective in deterring pigeons from roosting inside the Palazzo."
The frontage of one of Barcelona's largest Hospitals where Bird Free was applied

Quiron Dexeus Hospital, Barcelona

Pigeons were nesting inside the light wells above the main concourse, and the hospital was fighting a daily battle to clean up pigeon droppings. Spikes had previously been installed, but failed to prevent pigeons from nesting. After Bird Free was applied the pigeons did not return.

Augustus Martin warehouse in London

Augustus Martin, London

The pigeon infestation inside this warehouse had become severe due to constant use of the roller door, which afforded pigeons easy access. This compromised employees’ health and safety and resulted in losses due to spoilage. In February 2016, 16 nests were removed from the corners at the top of the warehouse and the nesting sites and adjacent areas were treated with Bird Free.

"Since Bird Free was applied to the nesting sites the pigeons have not returned."
Allios paint factory in Provence, France

Allios paint factory, Provence

Pigeons were nesting on all the cable trays in this 5,000-square-meter factory. Their droppings fell onto the machinery and into the paint. As a result, the quality of the finished products was compromised, and the workers were disgruntled. In August 2013, these problems were solved when Bird Free was installed.

"We were advised to install Bird Free. The results have been very satisfactory."
The largest shopping mall in Italy, free of pigeons since 2015

Il Centro, Milan

Opened in April 2016, Il Centro is the largest shopping mall in Italy. Even before construction was completed, pigeons started to roost in sheltered parts of the building, creating an unsightly mess on the glass facades. Bird Free was installed in December 2015. The client is delighted that his beautiful building is now free of pigeons.

An underground car park in Hertford where Bird Free has remained effective since 2013

Underground car park, Hertford

Pigeons had been living on the cable trays of Dolphin Yard’s car park for years, and the mess was getting worse and worse. The pigeons’ acidic droppings were damaging the residents’ cars. In July 2013, Bird Free was installed. The pigeons promptly departed, and the residents no longer have to constantly clean their cars.

"Since Bird Free was applied I have seen no sign of pigeons or their mess."

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