Warehouses, factories and plant

Fouling of goods or machinery in a warehouse or factory is most likely caused by pigeons nesting/roosting at high level, where they feel most secure. Tell-tale signs of such a pigeon infestation are visible concentrations of pigeon droppings on the floor, and/or on the wall, below:

  • Vertical beams that support the roof, usually in corners or against a wall
  • Cable trays
  • The void behind the top of a roller shutter door
  • Surfaces close to heating equipment.

Most such pigeon infestations can be eradicated by a three-step solution:

  • Identify the pigeon nests/night roosts
  • Clean/disinfect the nests/night roosts
  • Treat nests/night roosts with Bird Free.

This three-step process will cause the resident pigeons to abandon the whole site, provided there is no food source available to them inside the building. There is no need to treat all the beams or other surfaces where they might perch during the day once they have been excluded from their core habitats. We also offer solutions where food sources are present. Contact us for an immediate solution, or call 0207 359 9988.

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