Historic buildings and churches

Rather than bats in the belfry, historic buildings or churches are much more likely to suffer from a severe infestation of feral pigeons. In many cases such infestations will have continued for decades, or even centuries, becoming progressively worse.

To eliminate long-standing infestations, pigeons must be deterred from returning to their nests and habitual night roosts. Given that pigeons will always return to where they were born, this is not an easy task. Traditional methods will often fail to exclude resident pigeons from such sites.

Bird Free is proven to deter feral pigeons from returning to their nests and night roosts permanently, and has caused large colonies of pigeons to abandon their long-standing habitats. As such, it is the only bird repellent gel authorised by the Health & Safety Executive for use in the UK.

Most heritage officers will readily agree to installation of Bird Free as it requires no mechanical fixings, is easily reversible, and is virtually invisible from below. Contact us for an immediate solution, or call 0207 359 9988.

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