Car parks, bridges and other structures

Car parks: the many nooks and crannies typically found in car park structures make them ideal nesting/roosting habitats for feral pigeons. Their urban setting also means that there are always food sources close by.

Pigeon infestations inside car parks can be eradicated by a three-step solution:

  • Identify the pigeon nests/night roosts
  • Clean/disinfect the nests/night roosts
  • Treat nests/night roosts with Bird Free.

This three-step process will cause the resident pigeons to abandon the entire car park: in a colony of pigeons each pair will have its own designated nesting site, so there is no need to treat all the surfaces where they might perch during the day once the pigeons have been excluded from their core habitats.

Bridges and flyovers: pigeons are often found nesting under bridges and flyovers. (Droppings on the pavement below attest to their presence.) Left unchecked such infestations can result in structural damage. Contact us for an immediate solution, or call 0207 359 9988.

Electrical plant: nesting on pylons and other electrical plant such as insulators can cause costly damage. Bird Free will prevent nesting without risk of fire.

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