Watch our Bird Free case study videos below 

See how Bird Free was used to prevent a severe pigeon infestation at a Hospital in Barcelona, Spain. The objective was to prevent pigeons from nesting inside the wells of the skylights above the main concourse of the hospital. Spikes had previously been installed however, the pigeons had nested on top of the spikes. We spoke to Jean Luis Labadie, whose company carried out the works and asked him if the infestation had been eliminated...

Shop signs soiled with pigeon droppings convey a poor first impression to customers. Spikes also look unsightly and, in many cases, are not effective. See how the City of Aberdeen installed 54 signs with Bird Free fitted to custom made indents, making the Bird Free completely hidden and keeping the signs free of droppings. 

See how two men eliminated a pigeon infestation in the car park of a new residential development in a single day, including cleaning and installation of Bird Free. After inspection in February 2022, there are still no signs of any infestation and no fouling on any of the cars. 

Video one: Installation carried out in October 2021.

Video two: Follow-up inspection, February 2022.

See how Bird Free was installed on the bearings of four new bridges on the Huntington Bypass on the A14. Existing nests were removed and the whole site was treated. We spoke to John Wright, the Senior Engineer responsible for the new bridges, two years after installation to find out just how succesful the installation had been...

See how Bird Free was installed on the Craigavon Bridge in Londonderry. The pigeon droppings on the footpath were causing a health and safety hazard for pedestrians and cylists below. We spoke to Robin Cuddy, the Senior Engineer responsible, when the installation was nearing completion and asked him about his observations...

See how Bird Free was installed at the offices of Paradigm Housing, eliminating a severe infestation on the long louvres above the windows on all three floors causing substantial fouling below. We spoke to David Ball, Group Facilities Manager, three months after installation to see how the installation had gone... 

Bird Free installation at Nine Elms tube station 

See how Bird Free was installed at a new underground station in London in 2021, preventing pigeons from roosting in the pedestrian tunnels at the rear of the station. 

Dubai Villa installation

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